About Stephen Hodes MSc

Physiotherapy assessment, is not only interested in identifying the specific structures (eg. Muscle, nerve, ligament, meniscus etc) involved in any condition but also tries to identify the ‘’why’’.

To solve a problem successfully and effectively, we need to understand not only what happened and what is the specific diagnosis, but also why it occurred and what is preventing your improvement.

In assessing a nerve, joint, ligament or muscle problem, it is essential to look more globally beyond the immediate problem and understand what loads, and what kind of loads, the body has had to cope with.

Apart from the traditional orthopaedic assessments, the analysis of various functional tasks can reveal various movement behaviours impacting on the problem.

Through 3D motion analysis, handheld dynamometry (muscle strength testing) and force plate analysis (weight distribution) we can gain an insight into your unique functional profile and identify the components which are impacting on your condition.

Stephen studied physiotherapy in England, receiving a BSc in 1996. He went on to receive his MSc in the year 2000, with a specialization in the scientific underpinnings of physiotherapy practice.

Today, despite over 20 years of experience, he views himself as the perpetual student who is continually learning new approaches and techniques. He attends continued professional development (CPD) courses internationally, studying with top European experts in the field to gain insights and absorb new methodologies.

Stephen has developed a highly individualized approach to treatment that allows him to assess each individual’s health holistically – providing a unique combination of warmth, personal care, cutting-edge technology, and professional expertise.

Stephen explores the immediate, short-term causes of pain, but also utilizes recently developed technologies to hone in – focusing on the underlying issues. He identifies a long-term approach to rehabilitation that avoids pain, and maximizes movement and functionality.

Stephen’s comprehensive approach to treatment and integration of technology in his work partly reflects his extensive experience with sports injuries. Having rehabilitated both professional and recreational athletes, he says that he has learned to view all clients as athletes – and all athletes as individuals. Every individual – athlete or not – wants to improve his or her quality of life through activity; and likewise, every athlete – like anybody else – has an individual story, and specific personal experience. Stephen’s experience with sports injuries includes everything from basketball, soccer, tennis, and running to dance and the performing arts.

Our Philosophy

Our approach is built on a bio-psycho-social-model that takes into consideration many factors contributing to each problem. Our assessment and treatment reflect these many dimensions.

As an example, the body copes well with gradual, progressive loads, but it does not cope well when there are large spikes in a load, and this is what leads to either pain or various musculo-skeletal conditions. Individuals experience pain if a structure is stressed beyond its capacity.  To put this into more technical language: The issues arise when the balance between load (the stress the human body is subjected to) and capacity (ability to cope with load) is disturbed.

It is important to assess the various aspects of load that the body is under, and see where and how the balance between load and capacity is strained. Load is multifactorial – meaning, it is the combined result of different stresses on the body. Likewise, our ability to cope with the load is affected by many things: in addition to the mechanical load, the body’s ability to work well is also impacted by stress, sleep, and other issues.

Individualised care plans are implemented that include physical and manual therapy, and specific exercise and loading programs.

The assessment and resulting treatments is based on – or informed by – the latest research. Each individual’s course of treatment is determined after comprehensive assessment of the individual’s complaint, in light of the most recent medical evidence and our specific professional experience.

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